Spring is springing and the neighbours put up a new fence

Well, with the mild winter, it means there was no semi-permafrost this year, so the ground is not too hard to dig. The neighbours diagonally behind us decided they’d had long enough without privacy and arranged to have a fence installed around the remainder of their lot a few days ago. About 14 feet of their back fence backs onto our lot. So we went halves on the cost of that bit. It’s nice having a bit of privacy at last, but I can’t wait to have more, especially from the people behind us who spend quite a bit of time outside in the Summer months.

Anyhow, I planted some pansies in my front and back beds and some of the daffodils and hyacinths are now flowering. There are a few buds blossoming on the magnolia in the back garden and the buds are ready to burst open on the front magnolia too.

The lupin is on its way and some of the other shrubs are starting to show buds. However, the forsythia only has a few yellow buds and a few of the shrubs are doing nothing because a rabbit has either chewed the bark at the base of the trunk or has lopped off most of the branches. Hopefully, they will spring to life as the warmer weather arrives in May.

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