Spring is arriving for my crocuses

Crocuses are blooming and other bulbs (tulips, hyacinths, daffs etc.) are starting to push their way up through the mulch. Well, actually some of them have been pushing their way up since last Autumn, but a lot of those have been eaten by the rabbits. We didn’t have much of a winter, so I think that’s why they became rabbit food. Usually anything that started growing in the Fall would be covered in snow for several months, but some of these were probably poking up from the mulch all winter and made a nice tasty meal for the local bunny (or bunnies – I’ve only ever seen one at a time so I really don’t know). Or I could be blaming the bunny when it could quite easily have been a squirrel!

(Apologies for these photos being upside down – they were taken with my iPad – up the right way, and are up the right way on my computer, but when they’re uploaded to WordPress, it flips them, and it takes way too long to go through each one to turn them all up the right way!)

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