New trees from beside the Newport Plum

Seven new trees planted today

On Monday, the owner of the garden centre, Hank, delivered my trees and I spent most of the day arranging where I wanted them digging in. The back neighbours were out and about and we chatted about the lot line they had marked last week. They were pretty sure their posts and string marking the lot line were in the right place.

Seven trees were delivered—six for the back—the Newport Plum, the Redbud Bush, the Dr Merrill Magnolia, the Fireglow Japanese Maple and the two Blue Sky Rocket Junipers—and one for the front—the Eastern White Pine.

I knew where I wanted the Eastern White Pine—centred betweeen the magnolia and lilac in the front—and I knew roughly where I wanted the Newport Plum—a few feet from the left lot line towards the back to block out the view from windows in the house diagonally behind us—but couldn’t decide how I wanted the rest of the trees in the back.

I originally thought I would place the two Junipers around 12 feet from the house, one by the left corner of the “patio” area and one opposite the patio window. I was hoping they would act as screens when I’m sunbathing on the  patio, if and when we lay one, as well as block out the view from the back neighbour’s deck that they were building.

I wanted one tree to obscure the view from their next door neighbour’s side window, but figured it will probably be blocked when they put up their side fence (which they plan to do in September).

Should I put all the trees in a row a few feet from the lot line? How far from the lot line should I plant them? Is three feet far enough? What if they made a mistake with their measurements? If they’ve made a mistake and our lot is three feet or more smaller, then they will have some nice trees on their lot lol

Which ones do I want to see through the window when I’m sitting on the sofa? The Fireglow would be a nice colour throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. The evergreens will be there all year round. The Magnolia would be a magnificent show of colour in the Spring and so too would be the Redbud, but it’s only small at the moment.

Wow, this landscaping malarkey is tricky. I finally had them placed where I thought would be best but decided to leave calling Hank for a few days just to be sure. However, the weather changed on Tuesday, and by 11 am the trees had all blown down. So, I phoned Hank and arranged to have them planted Wednesday morning (today) at 9 a.m.

He was a bit late, which was good, as I didn’t get outside till 9 a.m. and ended up rearranging the trees again for half an hour. When he showed up, I asked what he thought to placing them all in a row or staggering them, to which he replied that because the lot is small and the trees will eventually grow quite big, he thought it would be best to plant them in a row. So that’s what he did, and two hours later all were dug and watered in.

Below are some photos of both the front and back.



4 thoughts on “Seven new trees planted today”

  1. Beautiful trees! I like the redbud especially, always wanted one of those. Does your japanese maple change colour through the seasons or is it always red like mine?

  2. I didn’t know about the redbud till I saw it at the garden centre. The photo showed an awesome display of pink so I’m looking forward to that next year. I think the Fireglow is supposed to go orange in the Fall, or maybe it’s the Newport Plum that does. I’ll let you know in a few months’ time.

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