Planter with tall grass, 7 annuals and a lavender

New wooden planter just had to be filled

I was in Home Hardware this morning getting extensions for our drainpipe and connectors for my hose, when I spotted a nice wooden square planter that i just could not resist.  It would go nicely by the front steps until I could find something bigger.So of course that meant I then had to visit the garden centre and by some plants to fill it.

I wanted honeysuckle as they didn’t have any when I was looking the day I bought all my shrubs. But they still didn’t have any (there was a spot for it, but they’d sold out). So I looked for something that would give height to the planter. I wanted something fragrant but I could only find a fragrant Jasmine. It was an annual, which meant I’d either have to bring it in (for the cat to chew) or let it die. So I opted for a tall grass instead. Something I could plant out the back next year.

I had already seen the fuchsias, and decided I’d have 2 of those, then found a nice purple plant that apparently has a nice smell. , 2 dark red potato vines and a nice fragrant annual with pink flowers to hang over the edge, would finish off the look.

However, when I got home and started to fill the pot, I realized I didn’t have enough potting compost. So I made another trip to the garden centre, where of course, I just had to buy some more plants. A lavender and a small blue fescue to go with my dahlia and 2 small butterfly bushes – one royal red and one who knows (the card didn’t say, and the picture on it showed various colours).

I originally planned to place the pot square on with the house but as I began planting the plants, I realized it would look nicer diagonally on so that the trailing plants would show nicely. This left a spare spot in front of the grass and the purple plant, so I used the lavender. It was pretty full by the time I finished and I was starting to think I’d bought too many small annuals for it.

However, I think the end result looks pretty good, plus I only had room for the fescue in the dahlia’s pot, so it was good I’d used the lavender at the front of the square pot. See the photos below. I’ll get the names of the plant next time I’m outside.

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