Front garden from edge of neighbour's lot

New grass, mulch and more hostas

They came and laid the grass a couple of weeks ago. I was not here to see the finished result as I had an appointment with a potential client 300 km away and had to take off just before they were done.

After a week away with lots of rain, the grass didn’t look too bad on my return. J had kept up with the watering on the days it didn’t rain, so it was looking nice and green. In fact, the back was like a swamp due to all the rain, the grading and our neighbours’ downspouts funneling all their rain water into our lot.

I had booked the guy from the garden centre to come with my trees and plant them on June 30th (the day after my return) but it was too wet, so I cancelled and left it that I would reschedule after he got back from his Canada Day holiday.

Anyhow, by the weekend the grass was dry enough for me to get out and do some more planting. So I nipped into town and bought a couple of hostas, two day lilies in pink and purple and one bracken fern from a lady who sold plants from the front of her yard.

I popped back to the garden centre for some mulch and saw the owner watering the plants. “You’re back early,” I said. “I thought you were away until the end of the weekend.”

Turned out his wife had slipped and fallen and was all bruised up, so it was indeed a very short vacation as they had gone nowhere at all. We talked about my trees and arranged for him to deliver the trees on Monday but not to dig them in yet. I needed time to see how they look in different places and wanted to make sure none got planted in the wrong spot.

In the meantime, I purchased four bags of mulch—I had to settle for brown mulch as they’d sold out of the black mulch presumably due to the hive of activity in Norwich on Friday and Saturday with the street sale and car rally—and set to work in the afternoon digging the rain hardened crust, pulling weeds and tilling the soil to mix the compost in with the clay. I planted my five new plants—two in the “rock” garden and three in the lounge corner. The beds are starting to look a bit crowded (two or three buddleias do not belong, and these new plants should really be elsewhere) but the intention is to start moving plants and shrubs to the back garden as and when we get our fence and/or patio.

Frogs—or perhaps toads—have already made my “rock” garden their home and luckily were always a few jumps ahead of me as I dug the soil. A hummingbird also came to visit the feeder I’d bought while I was away, but when I heard its buzz and looked up, it immediately flew away again. Glad the feeder is already attracting hummingbirds though. I only put it on the hook on Friday and as there are no big trees close by, I was not expecting them to show up for quite awhile.

All in all, the front garden is starting to look nice—even the neighbour, who stopped to talk to me after I’d finished, said how nice it was looking. I’m pretty pleased with it anyhow and glad things are surviving even though I was away for a week. Here are a few photos taken this morning at around 8 a.m.



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