Hummingbird on my feeder

While I was staying with my friend at Lagoon City a few weeks ago, I enjoyed watching the hummingbirds come to her feeders and drink to their hearts’ content. Saturday was a miserable rainy day, so we drove into Orillia so she could buy a mat for her balcony that puddled with water when it rained.

Whilst there we saw some cool two-storey hummingbird feeders and we each bought one. The next day was also rainy and she needed another mat as the first did not fit. This time, I came out with a blue umbrella, blue side table, a ton of $1 blue and lime green plates, bowls and mugs for outdoor dining, matching blue and lime green watering cans (that I plan to use as planters by my patio door) and a hook for my hummingbird feeder to hang on.

I originally placed the hook in the centre of my “rock” garden and as soon as I bought some sugar (a commodity I haven’t had in my house for quite awhile), I filled both containers with sugar water (1 part sugar and 3 parts water) and hung the re-assembled feeder on the hook.

While I was tending to my garden a few days later, I decided to move the feeder to the “lounge” garden, in the hope that I’d see hummingbirds through the lounge window and take photos of them feeding. Right after I moved the feeder to its new spot, I heard the familiar buzz of a hummingbird as I was mulching the rock garden, looked up and saw one hovering, wondering where her source of sustenance had gone, then fly off in the direction whence she came.

I was happy and sad at the same time—happy a hummingbird was already using the feeder so soon after putting it in the garden, sad she’d arrived to find her feeder gone. However, it wasn’t long before she found it again, and I was able to take photos. I’ve moved it again, a few feet further away from the window as it was too close and low to watch while sitting in the lounge, and when I did sit high enough to see it, any slight movement I made scared her off.

Now I’m happy because she has found her feeder again and in only two or three weeks the top container is almost empty, which means she’s been having a feast.

Now of course, I’m assuming it’s a she as her colouring is a bit dull. I had not looked up to see what variety she is, till now, but assume if it was a he, the colour would be much more vibrant. I just punched in “green hummingbird Ontario” into Google and found a site that suggests it might be the Broad-billed Hummingbird but the green looks a lot brighter on the website.

Another site suggests it’s the female Ruby-throated hummingbird and the more I look, the more I’m certain it’s the female Ruby-throated hummingbird. But I’m a novice, so I don’t know. See the photos below (taken through the window on the 14th and yesterday) and let me know what you think it is in the comments.

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