How’s my garden growing

A couple of weeks or so ago, I bought a nice wrought iron trellis for my clematis to create a privacy screen for when I sit in the back garden. I placed the trellis on the corner between the new back and side gardens that I had created earlier in July and put my half barrel pot with the clematis and double white deutzia next to it. However, the ground is so uneven there, that I had to prop one side up with a couple of wood blocks (actually my old knife blocks).

The clematis had just started flowering again and looked lovely (I will post photos separately later), but a few days later I noticed the flowers were starting to wilt already. So I decided  it was time to transplant the  shrubs in the pot  to the ground and  began digging a circular area where the pot had been.

After emptying the pot I realized why the clematis had wilted. Turns out the pot had got waterlogged when I had the sprinkler on  for the grass at the weekend. And to make matters worse, after transplanting it, I had to prise the clematis from the small trellis and broke most of its branches in the process. So not long after transplanting it, it looked pretty dead and no longer acted as a privacy screen for me!

Meanwhile, all my other shrubs and perennials seem to be growing exponentially. I thought it was time to take some more photos  of my garden so I could show you how it’s growing, being as I forget to take photos of my new trellis and planting. When you see the photos I took today, you’ll see what I mean! The lemon grass and lemon balm are both growing wild. The pinky winky has loads of flowers now and looks thick and lush. The fragrant laburnum is as high as the windowsill and the Miss Kim lilac has a few flowers.

Take a look. It’s late in the day so I’ll leave captions for another day.

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  1. Thankfully, my garden was able to rebound from this near-catastrophe primarily because of my previous efforts in building a solid foundation and my swift action in taking corrective steps while I still had time.

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