Spreading "topsoil" and widening driveway

Grading, planting and rain

We finally got some rain on Wednesday evening. Not a lot but it must have been enough because they came first thing Thursday morning with diggers and dirt movers (bucket loaders) and began moving the heap of dirt out back and spreading it between us and our next door neighbour.

I was not there to supervise as I was attending an all-day Speakers event in another town. J texted me to let me know they’d arrived, so I texted him back to say please make sure they got rid of the rubble and builders’ garbage strewn all over the place first.

They had 3 lots to grade so they didn’t get finished in one day and at 7:30 am on Friday they showed up again to finish the job. Well, when I say finish, I mean sort of finish because it’s not what I would call finished and they still have more to do on the lot behind us. The supervisor said they’d be raking the topsoil before the sod/turf goes down but it looks way too hard to just rake over. Some was flat and positively rock hard where the bucket had scraped over it.

I asked him when they’d be laying the grass but he was not sure as they’d need some rain which I guessed would be the case. I told him I’d already bought some trees and shrubs and was champing at the bit to get planting. He indicated that it was probably a good idea to plant them before they lay the grass and to mark out where I wanted my gardens, that way they would only lay the grass where I wanted it, saving me from having to dig it up later and having to dump it.

So Saturday lunchtime I marked where l wanted my front gardens then went out to a landscape/garden centre to get pricing for gravel, river rock and slabs for the patio and decorating my beds and ended up buying 6 bags of compost and 2 more plants – Coppertones. I then went to collect 6 of the smaller shrubs I’d bought last week and bought 3 more bags of compost.

After eating a late lunch, I set to work digging holes for the 6 shrubs and one Coppertone, pouring out all the compost and raking it in with the clay topsoil the builders had given us in the hopes it would make the sold better and would define my beds better than the yellow paint I had sprayed.

Half way through the work it started to rain but it had been such a hot day that I continued in the wet. It wasn’t a heavy rain and it stopped before l was done so l watered the plants in well. But I need not have bothered as it rained all night and carried on raining all day today. With all that rain I can’t see it being too much of a problem for them to do the grass sometime this week! But l will have to remark my beds as the yellow paint has washed away!




Pics to come

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