Canadian Maple Leaf Flag Tulip

Fabulous Canadian Maple Leaf Flag Tulips and other Flowers

Check out the new Canadian Maple Leaf Flag tulips that I got from Ninth Life Cat Rescue last Autumn along with all the other bulbs in the garden. They are so pretty and different. Apparently they were created especially for Canada’s 150th birthday, but if my calculations are right, that’s not till next year. I didn’t even know I was getting these bulbs, and if it hadn’t been for the photo floating around Facebook, I probably wouldn’t even have realized the significance of this flower!

I’m pleased to see at least one of my anemone bulbs grew. When I was planting my bulbs in the Fall, the weird little bulbs fell through the pots I was carrying them in and I didn’t even noticed. There were supposed to be one with each grouping of bulbs, and when I was done planting, I suddenly realized I had not planted any. So I must’ve dropped them all.

The bleeding heart is starting to flower, but wish I’d bought a proper one, instead of the little dwarf plant that seems to be growing.

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