Porch container garden with clematis fireworks, double white deutzia, pink pot carnation and armeria maritima.

Champing at the bit to get started with my garden

We moved into our new house just a little over 2 months ago and our builders are somewhat slow to get our lot graded. It could be that the entire village we moved to is slow, after all they did tell us it takes a while to get permits for anything.

The weather has warmed up; the May 2-4 weekend, the weekend when everyone in Canada starts gardening, has passed us by, and I’m champing at the bit to get started on my garden. (Ironically May 2-4 was last weekend, not today, even though today is May 24.)

On  Friday, I received an email to say they would be grading sometime in the coming week. So off I went to the local garden centre yesterday to see what plants were available.

On Thursday, I’d bought a big plant pot on impulse from Canadian Tire (another story), and thought I’d get some plants to fill it, as well as make notes for what I want to plant in my garden once it is graded.

I’ve been pinning lots of ideas on Pinterest, but I knew not all the plants would be available in my zone (Zone 6A) let alone at the village garden centre. So off I trundled to the garden centre and began making notes, using my phone’s voice  recorder.

One of the owners I’d spoken to last time I was there approached, so I asked about availability of some of the Spring shrubs. I explained that my lot was not ready yet but that they would be grading this week. I didn’t want to miss out on the Spring shrubs, so he told me that I could buy my plants now and they would look after them until my lot was ready.

I started pulling aside various trees and shrubs and placed them in groups of 3 for each of the locations on my lot where I wanted to create a screen from my neighbours’ windows.

Soon another owner came to assist me, and, before I knew it, I had about 6 groupings and was sure I had exceeded my budget, an amount I had plucked from the air when I first started choosing what I wanted!

I then went to the greenhouse to choose a clematis for my pot. I had already chosen a small double white deutzia, a pretty white flowering shrub that in time would grow to about a metre high, and now wanted something in the back of the pot for immediate height.

I found a fairly large Clematis Fireworks, already starting to bloom, so l chose  that then went back outside and chose 2 pink perennials to complement the arrangement—a small pink pot carnation and an Armeria maritima (not sure which variety as there was no label on the pot, but probably the Cotton Tail Sea Pink).

I then picked out a small (translate cheap but nice) trellis and went to the checkout to pay for everything. Several dollars later (l shall not divulge how much over budget I went, but it wasn’t too bad really), I left the garden centre with my container plants and some organic potting compost, and a few hours later put together a mini-garden on my porch.

Here are a few shots of the results.






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