Hostas, daisy? and buddleia (not yet a butterfly bush)

A new bed in my back garden with hostas, day lily and 2 buddleia

I sat in my garden early this morning, enjoying the peace and quiet while the rest of the neighborhood slept, contemplating what to do about the back garden with regard patio, gravel or deck. I can’t really decide whether to have just one large patio/deck/gravel area across the back of the house with various levels or to have a couple of smaller patios or low decks—one near the house, at a 45 degree angle for my hammock and table, and one in the far left corner for a seating area with pagoda perhaps.

It’s hard to make a decision mainly because we don’t have the land survey yet, so don’t know exactly where we can put anything, at least 2 of our neighbours don’t want to pay for a fence, for whatever reason, so we can’t budget for anything until we know what’s what, plus we have a window well under our patio door and no steps yet so the design and style needs to be carefully planned (neither of us have great DIY skills, so it ain’t going to be easy or cheap lol).

The neighbour at the back came out to work some more on his own deck, and my peace was suddenly shattered. J was still in bed, so a walk was not going to be happening anytime soon.

Since I’d bought extra compost and mulch last week and I wanted to enjoy the outdoors, I decided to pop out and buy some more plants from the girl down the road so I could make a new flower garden in place of the dead grass next to the house near where I sit in my hammock and down the side of the house.

She didn’t have her sign out when I got there, but I still rang the door bell as her hubby had told me last week that she sells her plants on a Sunday. I was just about to go when she answered the door in her dressing gown.  I apologized, but she said it was fine, I hadn’t woken her, she was just a little late getting outside.

We ended up having a nice chat and I bought four more plants at $5 each, plus a freebie, as she’d mentioned a couple of weeks ago she always gives one free for every $20 spent. I picked 3 hostas, a day Lily and one other plant she’d told me about two weeks ago. A daisy type flower of some sort, but I can’t remember what she called it.

After pulling up some grass, digging the clay soil, and mixing in some compost, I planted 2 hostas and the daisy at the back along with one of the 2 buddleias I’d bought a few weeks ago, and planted the day Lily, third hosta and the other butterfly bush down the side. I’d planted the buddleias in temporary spots in the “rock” garden, and now hoped they would grow quickly in their new spots to provide me with a bit of a screen from the road and to attract butterflies which of course I love.

After watering everything in, I covered the bed with mulch, tidied up, had a bite to eat, then sat outside enjoying a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet under my umbrella again (the neighbour must be having lunch) only, this time, I have nice plants to look at. The peace has gone as I write this and he is out sawing and drilling again. Hopefully, he’ll soon be done, because it really is peaceful out here most of the time, and I love to sit and watch the birds, butterflies and dragonflies.

See my new flowerbed below (not the best photos taken with my iPad).

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  1. Make your new garden the best it can be. Give it a fun shape with flowing curves or use it to echo the lines of your house. Get it just right by laying out a hose to outline your bed . Once you have the perfect shape, mark the edges with a line of sand or flour.

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