Close up of pink Dahlia

3 trees and lots of perennials planted in the front garden

So, yesterday it was a beautiful day and I decided to head out early (around 9:45 am) to buy a wheel barrow and some other bits ‘n’ pieces from the local Home Hardware store. After dropping them off home, I headed back to the local garden centre to buy a few perennials and pick up a couple more of my shrubs to plant.

Before I knew it, I’d filled a cart/trolley full of plant pots, including grasses, succulents and spring, summer and fall flowering perennials. The smaller 3.5 and 4 inch perennials were buy 3 get for $12 (instead of $3.99 each), and the lady helping said 3 or more 1 gallon pots would mean no HST and since I had a few, that was an awesome 13% saving.

I also picked out a beautiful pink dahlia for the green coal scuttle sister-in-law had given me one Christmas which the lady had to carry to the check out for me as there was no room on the cart. I asked for 6 more bags of 3-in-1 tree and shrub compost and another bag of organic compost for the dahlia.

After everything was rung in, I decided I needed some mosquito repelling plants, so quickly paid for 4 lemon grass plants in a 4 for 3 deal, then switched two for a couple of lemon grass plants instead.

As I packed the car I saw the girl at the checkout had rung in the wrong potting compost so went back to do an exchange for the same organic compost I bought last time. WOW…when I got back to the car it smelled awesome…and that was with the window down 3 inches!

After unloading the car and a quick bite to eat, I set to work placing pots where I wanted them to grow and digging holes for the perennials. Several times I moved the three shrubs to different locations, trying to decide where they should go to give me the best screen from prying neighbours, and be visible from my windows.

After an hour or so, the locator guy turned up and sprayed paint where the gas and hydro lines are. Good job he came, as I’d placed two of the shrubs right where the gas line was. Not that I would have dug deep enough, but it probably wasn’t a good idea to plant what would grown into trees right where a gas line is.

See the new gardens and trees planted in the front garden below.

The front garden still without grass but now with lots of new shrubs and perennials.

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